Things I miss in october

16 October 2008

Raisin bread – autumn – pumpkin pie – sam adams’ octoberfest – apple cider – print editions of the new york times – bagels with lox, capers & cream cheese – my french press – music at home – french toast – burritos, salsa, plaintains, hot sauce, rice in coconut milk, yuca – cherries – undubbed films – walking the esplanade – brownstones – bookstores – used bookstores – libraries – the bars & coffeehouses & juke joints I have made home – the pushmower for my front yard – fallen leaves – free admission to the ica – regular internet access – being able to make jokes.

5 Responses to “Things I miss in october”

  1. Jackie Says:

    These are all wonderful things! Especially apple cider and used bookstores. But what I’m really excited for is when you stop missing all of these things and start making all new kinds of lists. It will happen, I promise!

  2. Julia Says:

    Oh Jim. What would we do without the pretension. I really think that you would enjoy the site

    Wish I could get you out to Salone (more location specific colloquialisms) to as vividly capture the imagery here too…

  3. Rita Says:

    They’ll still be here when you get back.

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    Email me your address.

  4. Jack Says:

    But not football? I guess we never transformed you after all…

    When you get back, all of the things you missed will be so much sweeter, and then you’ll have another list of things you’ll miss from over there. Life’s got its little surprises…

  5. […] November 2008 I was in a good mood this afternoon for no particular reason, so in the spirit of Jackie’s admonition the last time I went listmaking, here’s a list of little things that have […]

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