Peppermint frappé

23 November 2008

Update: The censored Franco-era film that I recall in fragments to this day (& wrote about vaguely on the anniversary of his death) is Peppermint frappé (1967), & while I remembered the mint-green colored drink & the pogo-stick dream, I forgot completely that it’s not a stand-in for a bedroom discovery scene, but for his jealous voyeurism, because the entire film revolves around the bookish, buttoned-up main character’s obsessive – & eventually murderous – desire for the blonde, English-speaking wife of his blustering & typically masculine Spanish friend, who he confuses for a woman he falls in love with at sight in the beginning of the film. 

I couldn’t find the dream sequence on youtube, but I did find this, which, in its extended shots & general psychadelic craziness is really the next best thing. My favorite part’s at around the 2:10 – 2:50 mark, when things kind of climax: the camera is tracking around them in circles without cutting, Pablo is doing the potato masher, Ana/Elena starts quoting Romeo & Juliet in English, the singer’s screaming about a “mystery man,” peppermint frappés are poured in earnest, and you can practically see the snapped rose wilting on Julián’s lapel –

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