Flora & fauna, ii

3 December 2008

Trellis en el parque de la Victoria.

Trellis in Victoria Park.

A house in the Peñamefécit, my barrio.

A house in the Peñamefécit, my barrio, the strip of houses between the Avenida de Barcelona & the Calle de Andalucía (Gran Eje) against the mountain, stretching west & north from the city center.

The newstand & florists' are next to a handful of good tapas bars & an old column, out of frame.

The newstand & florists’ are next to a handful of good tapas bars – Bar del Pósito, El Bodegón, Deán’s – & an old marble column, out of frame, & on the stairs is my favorite piece of graffiti in the city.

5 Responses to “Flora & fauna, ii”

  1. Jackie Says:

    My God! I LOVE THESE! Especially that second one. Awesome composition.

  2. Eddy Allart Says:

    Some nice work here. Great pic of the newsstand. I used to spend time in Jaen some 25-30 yrs ago. I sat in the Victoria park often, reading El Pais or the Diario, waiting for my local girlfriend.

    Have fun.

    • Jim Sligh Says:


      The newsstand picture is my favorite so far; by no means am I a photographer.

      Thanks for coming by, & sorry to take so long in responding to you. I do like Victoria park a lot.

      What was Jaén like 25 years ago? A lot of the development west of the city must be new, to say nothing of the Corté Íngles they plopped in the center of town five years ago. How did you find it then?


  3. Eddy Allart Says:

    Thanks, Jim –

    Jaen back then was much smaller than it is now, I guess. Much quieter. I saw the new development on Google Earth.
    I liked walking from the old Hotel Rey Fernando, above the bus station, to the old railway Station. There, at the end of the Paseo, the own ended. You could walk from there to Granada and see nothing but old farms and olive trees.
    I put some pictures on Flickr. You can use them if you want to.
    In 1980 they tore down the old market place. I loved it there. Sharks lay on the stone floor, caught the night before.
    When they destroyed the old station I was there, too. Symbolic, maybe.

    If you want to know more, please ask,

    with kind regards,

    Eddy Allart

  4. John Maestas Says:

    Hey Jim,

    Really incredible fotos here and I enjoy reading about your travels, especially in Spain. I plan to go to Barcelona/Sevilla for 3 months in August with the hopes of setting up some things to make it possible to live there.

    I want to ask you a question about possibly using one of your photos as album art that my band is recording- we’re all really interested in using the picture of the house in Peñamefécit. Drop me a line in my email and we can talk about more details. Great work again.


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