Paper trail

25 February 2009

A partial list of handouts I have made for my students:

·  bilingual version of Barack Obama’s presidential victory speech in Chicago.
·  brass family of instruments
·  fake newspaper, The Boston Post, with banner headlines, editorial cartoons, the score of the Real Madrid game, & a weather report.
·  lyrics to Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald’s “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.”
·  lyrics to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “Silent Night”, and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
·  mix & match descriptions of people including John McCain, Veronica Mars, & James Bond.
·  New York Times
weather reports for Boston, Michigan, Ojai, & Bedmar.
·  questionnaire (place travelled, favorite bands, career aspirations, preferred food for special occasions)
·  states of matter: “Is a chair liquid?”
·  story of first Thanksgiving (featuring: Mayflower etching, cartoon turkeys, graph of Pilgrim deaths during first winter)
·  the 8 planets. (match the picture to the description)
·  two mixed-up stories, “Charlie the Astronaut Goes to the Zoo” & “The Adventure of Charlie the Outdoorsman”
·  weekly English news headlines, such as: “Somali Pirates Continue Attacks.”

5 Responses to “Paper trail”

  1. dave Says:

    poetry is the appreciation of language.
    give them some verse.

  2. ritadavis Says:

    interesting that your list of “people” includes two people who are not, in fact, people. 🙂

  3. cordelia Says:

    I like the list, I must say. I have more to add about the Katrina section of your textbbook (and about the textbook)— thanks for posting the photo. When you get a chance, it would be great to hear about what your job entails. From what you say, you seem to serve as a “live” native speaker, going from class to class. It reminds me a bit of Bruce Feiler’s work in a Japanese school, described in Learning to Bow.

  4. Jim Sligh Says:


    I’m working on a much longer education essay that’ll hopefully make that a little clearer within the next week.

    Ironically, for a collection of writings about teaching in Spain, I haven’t written all that much about teaching – I think it felt odd to write (make definitive) something I felt like I was still learning.

    In the archives, “Olives & Pedagogy” might clarify some things too.

  5. davidhur Says:


    I seem to be finding myself in need of a typewriter,
    for forms that are not digitalized,
    and I’d like your advice on buying one.

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