EL PAÍS, domingo 8 de marzo

10 March 2009

el pais 8 marzo

Above, the Sunday, 8 March El País boiled down to the size of two postcards.

Pérez Roque is named by the epithet, “talibán fidelista,” a Madrid designer coins the plural adjective “sexys” in an interview in order to make it line up with Spanish grammar, & the Spanish title of There Will Be Blood is Pozos de ambición.

An article in the peach-colored economics section uses a giant panoramic photograph of the olive groves outisde of Martos to illustrate its article on rural agriculture – Martos being the pueblo outside of Jaén where I was nine days ago, in a pleasant tiled courtyard with tables set with cups of different oil varieties, bread, water, & cubed apples, touring a traditional olive oil plantation.

I took notes again this week on the English loanwords italicized & used – this being the Sunday edition, I thought I’d net an even a bigger catch.

There were the usual suspects: Words for technology (web, online, banner [ad], blog, wi-fi), for celebrity & music (fan, celebrity, tour manager, memorabilia, shows).

Words filling up the business section – bonus, broker, cash flow, freelance, headhunters, hedge fund, marketing, outsourcing, rating, stock, subprime.

Words for consumption, fashion, nightlife – after hours, blazer, chaqueta de bomber, duty free, fitness manager, gentleman, glamour, grunge, indie, “it girl”, jeans, light [as in diet], “look”, outlets, play rate, pub, sexy, skate, sponsor, videoclip, video de aerobic, vintage.

Words for media – country, western, folk [music], thriller, “making of”, noir [instead of estilo negro], porno.

And the occasional outliers: “bloguero” [for blogger], dominatrix, doping, noodles, porridge, sheriff.

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