Marking time

24 April 2009


I like the sundial painted onto the façade of this strikingly-colored church in Sevilla. And the way that the radial gaps between the hours have been warped to account for way the sunlight strikes the building.

I’m marking time, too; only a little more than a month left in Jaén, which seems like no time at all. The usual tightening in my throat, the crowded feeling, the listmaking – what things, undone, can I still finish? What promises to myself can I still fulfill? How much can be fit into four weeks?

I still don’t know if I’ll be able to come back here next year to teach again. I’ll know in a week & a half.

4 Responses to “Marking time”

  1. Buster Says:

    With only selfish wishes, I hope you get to stay on. These glimpses of Spain are wonderful eye candy and the closest I’ll get to travel on the Iberian peninsula until my pockets learn how to grow fatter.

    Good luck!

  2. Cordelia Says:

    Glad to see that you are back to posting. I like what your film did when the sunlight in the previous post. It’s a luxury now to have film, to actually have a surface and field whose physical property(-ies) is altered by the sunlight. (I’m obviously thinking of Sontag here, and how her essay is beginning to make less and less sense to a generation that knows only digital photography). I liked how the sharp surfaces of the roof top in the upper part of that photo contrasted with the soft haze right beneath the table level. It makes the foreground more intimate somehow. I hope you get to stay on, too. If you do, will you live in the same region for summer ? Travel ? Or are you waiting in the moment before planning ahead at all ?

  3. Jim Sligh Says:


    Thanks for the well-wishes. (Selfish, qué va – I’m indebted to you for the glimpses of Russia you’ve given me.) Fingers crossed.


    I really like being able to open the back of my camera when there’s no film in it and watch the shutter close at different speeds – be able to actually see the aperature. The mechanism is comprehensible.

    As for the haze, intimate, maybe, but I’m getting that same white haze in a lot of the photographs I’ve been taking recently, and as a flaw it’s only charming in moderation. (You’ll come to understand what I mean in the next weeks as I catch up on a few travelogues & am forced to illustrate by way of the only fragments I have. I think it’s the film speed I’m using, in combination with the shutterspeed being too fast, but I’m not positive.)

    Still, I do like the flawed physical reality of a photograph – it’s why polaroids are so charming.

    I’m coming back to the States for the summer. The plan for the fall & spring is to get out of the country come hell or high water – if not Spain, elsewhere. South America, maybe. Thailand.

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