1 June 2009

Things I’ve done at school instead of working:

Danced sevillanas in the copy room.
Eaten jamón, neopolitanas, cherries, pastries from Baeza, drunk beer or red wine.
Sung villancicos.
Faked up a flamenco palo on the history teacher’s guitar.
Toured the primary school, where the children now all know my name.

 Things I should have written about but haven’t yet:

What it feels like to come to Sevilla from the provinces.
The collapse of the Spanish construction bubble & the homeless man I gave roast chicken to in Adra.
Said construction bubble’s effect on urban planning, & the way Jaén just ends, goes from high rise to empty field with nothing in between.
La comida & the mediodia – lunchtime in Spain & my salmorejo recipe.
How Spain can have legal gay marriage & still be less tolerant in many ways than the States.
The fallas in Valencia. Semana Santa, & why sometimes it rains flowers.
Féria in Sevilla. The time I drank manzanilla in the caseta of the Andalucían Communist Party in a Burberry tie & suit.
Teaching – where to even start?

Places I am traveling through over the next ten days or so.

Grand Rapids
Los Angeles


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