Guerra civil

11 January 2010

Episodes from the Spanish Civil War, via Hugh Thomas:

399 — When the Moroccan legionnaires took Toledo, “forty anarchists trapped in a seminary drank a vast quantity of anisette and set fire to the building in which they were hiding, burning themselves to death.”

373 — Local communists organized committees to paint Madrid streetlamps blue, to make things harder for the bombers.

372 — A message to the fascist defenders of the Alcázar from the ‘young women of Burgos’: “The heroic epic which your valor for God and Spain has written on our glorious Alcázar will be the pride of Spanish chivalry for ever. Gentlemen cadets, we are señoritas radiant with joy & hope and like you, we are the New Spain of the glorious dawn.

360 — “Anyone would be liable to be shot who was carrying arms or whose shoulder bore the bruise of a recoil from a rifle. Few prisoners were made.”

361 — “The 16th Company of the 4th Bandera of the Legion stormed the Puerta de la Trinidad, singing, at the moment of the advance, their regimental hymn proclaiming their bride to be death. At the first assault, they were driven back by the militia’s machine-guns. At the next, the legionnaires forced their way through, stabbing their enemies with knives.”

362 — At Oropesa it was found that the bourgeoisie of the town had been assembled in the plaza del toros to be killed by fighting bulls.

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