Moving out

4 June 2010

Leaving an apartment. Vacating the scene. Decamping. Clearing up. Clearing out.
Making an inventory   tidying up   sorting out   going through
Eliminating   throwing away   palming off on
Taking down   unfastening   unnailing   unsticking   unscrewing   unhooking
Unplugging   detaching   cutting   pulling   dismantling   folding up   cutting off
Rolling up
Wrapping up   packing away   strapping up   tying   piling up   assembling   heaping up   fastening   wrapping   protecting   covering   surrounding   locking
Removing   carrying   lifting

– p. 34, Species of Spaces & Other Pieces, Georges Perec (trans. John Sturrock)

2 Responses to “Moving out”

  1. John B. Says:

    Hey, Jim. It’s good to have a chance to drop by.

    Have you read Perec’s Life: A User’s Manual? It’s kind of like Ulysses in an apartment building.

  2. Jim Sligh Says:


    Good to see you writing again — I’ve been traveling more or less continuously since I posted this, but I’ll be over at your place with a response as soon as I stop moving.

    I discovered Perec this year while in Bilbao, & read A Void over Christmas (I really want to get my hands on the Spanish translation & see how the translator managed it, but I didn’t come across it in bookstores . . .). Life: A User’s Manusal is next on my list, although it’s a long, long list.

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