How to read

29 March 2012

Things that teach you how to read them, according to the internet:

Joyce’s Ulysses
by James Joyce
Joyce, Sebald
Ulysses, Gravity’s Rainbow, J R, Infinite Jest
a diaphanous novel that reminds me of Blanchot
a certain kind of exemplary poem
poems, read carefully
no chart, book, article or person
all great books in any genre, but particularly Fashion Design Drawing Course
great works of art
Sherlock Holmes stories
Moby Dick in Pictures
every book you read
books that are assured and confident
a good experimental-form book
books that sit uncomfortably in their own era
Infinite Jest
Gravity’s Rainbow
great books, the truly great ones, but especially Infinite Jest
Ulysses, Finnegans Wake,
and other modernist works
innovative fiction, like Ulysses and Beloved
any good book
almost any book
science fiction, uniquely
the games Portal and Portal 2
the best kind of comic book
every book you read
any good book
every good book
all great books

One Response to “How to read”

  1. D許 Says:

    I misread the introductory text as “things that teach you how to read.” Somehow I’ve confused myself more than need be in doing so.

    new blog: update me sligh.

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