Édouard Levé

13 April 2012

When I look at a strawberry, I think of a tongue, when I lick one, of a kiss. I can see how drops of water could be torture. A burn on my tongue has a taste.


2 Responses to “Édouard Levé”

  1. D許 Says:

    That is one frenzied piece of writing. I felt like it wanted at times a hug from me but often than not to poke me in the eye.

  2. John B. Says:

    Hey there, Jim! Good to see you up and about.

    Thanks to your quoting from Moby-Dick, I think I shall do what I can to re-introduce “quoggy” into common American usage. If it’s not in the new Dictionary of American Regional English, it damn well should be.

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