27 July 2013

Here are some sentences I read in print recently and liked enough to go to the trouble of copying out:

‘You still have a queen,’ the lady checking museum tickets remarked. ‘So why don’t you cut her throat? Kings and queens are pointless, cost a fortune.’

Famously, when opening his club, The Establishment, in Soho in 1961, Cook remarked that he was modeling it on ‘those wonderful Berlin cabarets which did so much to stop the rise of Hitler and prevent the outbreak of the Second World War.’

‘We learned to tap a keg,’ declared Representative Steven Palazzo, a Mississippi Republican and Sigmi Chi brother, who then yelled a cheer as hundreds of FratPAC donors applauded.

Mr. Shuppert disputed Ms. Ward’s charges, attributing the ‘sex noises’ to the garden’s full-throated bullfrogs.

Many here say the tango’s blending of passion and brooding perfectly expresses the Finnish soul.

In the entrance to the exhibit we see a video of punks ‘pogoing,’ which was a dance that was jumping up and down.

If, after a second highball, it brought tears to his eyes, he would recommend publication.


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